Sharing my own progress as an Injector with Dermal Fillers.

✨️This is ME! ✨️

As a nurse injector and business owner, I find it important to share my own progress and journey with injectables and medical-grade skincare.
I have had hyaluronic acid fillers three times, each time building to reach my aesthetic goals. My filler of choice is Revanesse Versa, and I love it. It’s the most natural filler I have had injected, and I will continue to use it for myself and my clients.
I get Neurotoxin every three months to my forehead, my 11s, crows feet, neckbands, and traps (155+ units) to prevent migraines and for my aesthetic goals.
I use DefenagePro Trio for skincare and cleansing. It’s a professional beauty product and uses defensins to stimulate your own collagen and stem cell production.
The only makeup I have in both photos is mascara.

No filters, immediately after Revanesse Versa, 💉injected by @starksaesthetics in Stillwater, OK
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