Permanent Eyebrows at Gilded Beauty
Permanent Eyebrows: the frame of your face
Our precision-crafted permanent eyebrows redefine the arches and fullness of your brows, negating the need for daily penciling or powdering. Designed to complement your natural contours, we offer top-tier enhancements that deliver a youthful uplift and an enduring, polished look.
Time-Saving: Streamline your morning routine; no need to shape or fill your brows.
Consistency: Enjoy perfectly symmetrical and full brows that accentuate your features.
Long-Lasting: Resiliently maintains color and shape, giving you a carefree and immaculate appearance daily.

Eyebrow Types offered at Gilded Beauty:
Ombre Powder Brow: This is a beautifully pixelated technique that will create a subtle Ombre effect from beginning to end. Whether you prefer a bold brow or a soft look, this is a great option for all clients.
Combination Powder Brow: This is a great option for clients who would like a powder brow with hair-like strokes incorporated into the brow. The hair-like strokes can create density in the areas that contain less hair.