ideal candidates:

Allergy sufferers

Makeup difficult to apply – eyesight or unsteady hand

Active Lifestyle

Reapplies makeup all day long

Wants to save time / money

Natural beauty enhanced

Tired of smudged, smeared makeup

permanent makeup is not suitable for the following:

Sick-cold, flu or fever

Blood thinners (require personal physician’s approval)

Ones undergoing Chemotherapy

Organ Transplant

Botox in the past 2 weeks

Accutane in the past year

Heart conditions, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or pacemaker

Viral infections or diseases

Pregnant or nursing

History of keloids or Hypertrophic scarring

Skin irritations or psoriasis near treated area

 Any illness, treatment or medication that compromises the immune system or healing, ARE NOT acceptable for permanent makeup. We reserve the right to request a letter from your physician before any procedure to ensure the safety of the client.  Ones not willing to supply a letter from their doctors will not have any services performed by Michel with Gilded Beauty.